gambling addiction

Get to Know About US Gambling Addiction Statistics Here!!!

gambling addiction

Get to Know About US Gambling Addiction Statistics Here!!!

Wnet Frappen 08/15/2019

Over time, men and women have changed significantly in every sector, mainly. We are introduced to different modes of entertainment for stress-busting along with kicking out boredom from our everyday routines.

Gambling can come in handy for people surely also it is a noticeable fact that gambling has gained more popularity than it had decades ago.

Among several other approaches of entertainment, internet gambling is one of a kind. Gambling is a game that is filled with enthusiasm, allowing people to have a relishing time.

We are below stating gambling demographics in US to understand the hype of internet gambling that has taken over everything.

Statistics of gambling addiction

As dependent over other factors of a country such as diversity of cultures, economic, political, and legal factors, the popularity of gambling is higher in some countries.

According to the research of 2016, different parts of the world have been witnessed going through gambling addiction.


According to US gambling addiction statistics, several top countries have been reported to largely affected by gambling games.

Almost 2.6% or 10 million people are noted to be engaged with gambling games. This ratio varies in every state of the US and even pretty much higher.

When pondering about this figure, then not every one of the gambler is addicted to the gambling games. A larger number of people are actually having real fun in these games and aren’t really into addiction or dependent over gambling games.

Internet Gambling games are more popular among with the age group of 16-24-year-olds that are more susceptibility towards them. However, the age group of 25-34 has a limited engagement into this gambling platform as their ratio lies 0.8% only.

Also, according to gambling statistics, men are more inclined towards gambling as their ratio lies in 1.2%, whereas women’s engagement is limited to 0.1%.

The final judgment

In the final judgment, we can conclude to the aspect that gambling addiction has taken over the minds of people. It is necessary for one to refrain yourself from gambling addiction as all you will end is broke nothing else.

You can be considerate about internet gambling statistics in the USA that are proof of addiction to gambling getting increased due to the internet.

So you need to be concise about playing different games of gambling and set a limit to it for amusement only.

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