Anchorage Woodlot

Woodlot Update 9/26: This is the last scheduled weekend of the ASWCD's Anchorage Woodlot.

The Anchorage Woodlot IS OPEN IN A NEW LOCATION -- Because of the tremendous amount of snow in the prior location, the woodlot has been moved to the South Anchorage Sports Park (see map below)...and thank you to Mayor Sullivan for allowing us to use this location. --And ground material is now available.

Picking up ground material and firewood is free, no limit to amount. Material may be loaded at anytime during regular hours or if you wish to arrange a loader for larger quantities please contact the district.

The Anchorage Woodlot is open to commercial and residential drop-offs, including stumps.

The ASWCD Anchorage Woodlot is operated by the ASWCD as a community service and is not funded by property taxes or the Anchorage Fire Department. All costs paid by customers go to the operational costs of this woodlot, which is only sustainable if all firewood and ground material goes back into the community and used.

9am to 7pm
Thurs - Fri - Sat - Sun


South Anchorage Sports Park
(see map below)
Clean, natural wood only (branches, tree segments)
No grass, leaves or compost material - attached to the tree OK
No rocks or gravel
No construction materials or lumber
No garbage or metal

Residential & Commercial Deposit Fees:
Brush $10.00 per pickup load
Large Stumps $25.00 each
Woodchips $12.00 per yard
Loader Fees:
Loading of pickup $10.00
Loading of dumptruck $20.00
Loader available by appointment

FREE Mulch and firewood

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mulch: 
Why is there a charge now?
The Anchorage Woodlot has operated for the past several years under funding provided by a federal appropriation (or earmark); however, due to recent budget constraints and increased focus on earmarks in Alaska and elsewhere, the District has implemented a self-support approach to continue woodlot service to the community. Our first year was 2008.

The ASWCD charges a minimal fee to cover operational expenses such as employees and material processing. We try to keep charges to a minimum, and, should future funding become available, we’ll try to reduce or eliminate residential charges.

Because the Municipality and especially MOA Street Maintenance are allowing us to use this site we do not have to pass on the cost of a land lease, a substantial savings. To further keep costs to the current minimum, please be as tidy as possible – more mess means higher costs that will be passed on to you. Together we can operate a self-sustaining, on-going, and valuable option in our community for both wildfire mitigation and for biomass utilization.

All incoming material to this site is processed into material suitable for landscape mulch, on trails, in soil erosion projects and construction projects, within equestrian and livestock areas, or for addition to your compost piles. All material is provided FREE to the community, so be sure to come back before the end of the season to pick up your brush in a different, more useful form.

The community is also welcome to pick up any logs for use as firewood or other creative uses people have found, such as making wooden bowls or chairs and benches. Note that firewood goes quickly and due to liability reasons, we cannot allow you to operate equipment or chainsaws on-site.

For questions or more information, please contact the District at 907.677.SOIL (7645).

Thank you.