Supporting Urban Farming

The ASWCD works with property owners in Anchorage to design and implement Conservation Plans and provide technical and financial assistance.

While Anchorage has few significant problems associated with these properties, the growing urbanization of Anchorage increases pressure on property owners. Conservation Plans help property owners maximize use of their property while protecting the natural resources. For instance:

How many horses can a property healthfully sustain

Drainage and on-site treatment of drainage options available when developing a large commercial site

How to protect down-slope neighbors from any impacts from your property that could lessen their enjoyment of their private property rights

Conservation Plans ensure natural resource conservation in the immediate and surrounding areas of these properties and support private property rights, which, in turn, support a significant economic base, jobs, recreational options, therapy for handicapped children and healthy activities for our children and ourselves.

 Click here for a copy of the ASWCD Standards of Practice adopted March 21, 2007