Sand Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management Project

The ASWCD has absolutely no involvement in the current project on Sand Lake (or Delong or Little Campbell Lakes) to utilize fluridone for three years in each of the three lakes, starting this summer (2015). All questions should be directed to Heather Stewart of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR)at (907)745-8721.

DNR halted the ASWCD's public process and have proceeded without 1.) a completion of the public process or outstanding issues that were in final negotiation, final determination, etc.; or 2.) incorporation or meaningful review of the information contained in the ASWCD's draft report (written in collaboration with many experts from across the country, utilizing hundreds of studies, case reports, precedent projects, etc.), which was scheduled for public hearings and further public input and feedback when DNR stepped in and mandated an end to the public process.

Any communications or conversations you may have had with the ASWCD's representatives are not applicable to DNR's process or project. DNR's project will not be addressing the issues such as the sewer, incoming contaminants causing the issue, overgrowth of the other species of plants, or other issues brought to light during the ASWCD's public process. Work was to begin summer 2013, but delays by DNR prevented the ASWCD from proceeding.

We sincerely thank all of those who contributed to this effort, but especially to those property owners and other involved in this attempt to clean up Sand Lake. It is sincerely our hope that someday there will be an opportunity to return Sand Lake to a healthy, clean lake safe for swimming and the other recreational activities that have been severely impacted since the changes made in the 1990's - and a special thank you to those people who had the courage to step forward with the information needed to put together a true and accurate view of the entirety of the problem....and to those who helped us find the studies and reports by the Municipality and others that had disappeared over the years (and now can all be found below).
DRAFT Report to Stakeholders released 3/21/2014 
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Partial List of Background & Research

Applicable Plans, Studies, Historical

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