C-ER Chapter 10 to Title 21
Consortium of C-ER Community Councils

In 2004/2005, the Eagle River, Eagle River Valley, Birchwood, Chugiak, Eklutna Valley and Southfork Community Councils (Consortium) joined together to create a separate Chapter to Title 21 for the Chugiak-Eagle River area. With the support of the Anchorage Assembly with Assembly Resolution 2006-072, the Consortium went to work.

After securing funding for the project, the Consortium began with intense community outreach and involvement, gathering the community's input and gaining a sense of the community's vision of C-ER's future.

In 2009, the Consortium began the drafting of the Chapter and today the Chapter is working its way through the public process.

Prior to hearing by the Assembly, the Consortium will host a Town Hall meeting for the community. This will be a one-stop-shop where we will provide an opportunity for citizens to comment on the draft proposal as approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Consortium will be at your service to answer questions and provide guidance.

Some of the provisions of C-ER's Chapter:

- Created a 'Rural Commercial' zoning district to allow the commercial properties, especially along the Old Glenn, to utilize and improve their properties, without the imposition of Bowl-style development such as paved parking, traffic control and building appearance.

- More responsive to public need than "Bowl Code" with respect to Home Occupations, fabric structures, quonset-style structures and accessory dwelling units.

- Recrafted zoning districts to meet the specific needs of the C-ER area so that changes to "Bowl Code" will not have unintended effects on the C-ER area.

- Accessory Dwelling Unit provisions to more accurately match the existing conditions in the C-ER area.

-Created a C-ER Advisory Board to coordinate between Community Councils on matters of community interest.

-Protected private property rights - no loss of, or decreased uses.

-"Legalizing" approximately 30% of R-6-zoned properties to ensure the R-6 rural lifestyle continues to be an option into the future.

Sub-Areas as Delineated in the C-ER Comp Plan