Useful Contacts & Info 
Bullet 1 Chugiak Volunteer Fire & Rescue 
Bullet 2 APD & Eagle River Substation 
Bullet 3 Animal Control 
Bullet 4 Neighborhood Watch, Crime Prevention 
Bullet 5 AK Dept of Fish and Game 
Bullet 6 AK State Troopers 
Bullet 7 AK State Parks 
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Bullet 9 Anchorage Community Patrols 
The Birchwood Community Patrol (BCP) is a five-man patrol team, that provides neighborhood community crime patrol for the following neighborhoods: Birchwood, Chugiak, Peters Creek, and Eklutna.

The BCP was formed in 2008, the team being an all-volunteer patrol funded by state grant monies provided to equip and train patrol members.

The BCP provides neighborhood crime patrol, we do not apprehend individuals for committing crimes, we do not investigate crimes, we are not a Police Force or a vigilante force. We are your neighbors helping neighbors in crime prevention and crime watch.

If you are a witness or need to report a crime, fire or have a medical emergency that is happening right now dial 9-1-1 immediately.

If you are needing to report on crimes or other serious matters but you are in no danger of imminent harm you may dial the Anchorage Police Department at (907) 786-8900.

If you need to make the BCP aware of something such as activity in your neighborhood, you may contact the BCP via email leaving your name, number and a detailed message.