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Bullet 1 Composting 
Bullet 2 ASWCD Composting Brochure 
Bullet 3 ASWCD Composting 101 
Bullet 4 - 
Bullet 5 Uses for Compost: Erosion Control, Remediation & Landscaping 
Bullet 6 Uses for Compost: Disease Control For Plants & Animals 
Bullet 7 Uses for Compost: Reforestation, Wetlands Restoration & Habitat 
Bullet 8 - 
Bullet 9 - 
Bullet 10 - 
Bullet 11 Municipal Code for Ag Properties 
Bullet 12 'Large Animal Ordinance' Brochure 
Bullet 13 Final 'Large Animal Ordinance' as passed by the Assembly 
Bullet 14 - 
Bullet 15 Property Management 
Bullet 16 ASWCD Standards of Practice (3/21/2007) 
Bullet 17 Pollution Control for Horse Stables & Backyard Livestock 
Bullet 18 Insect Control: Bats In Alaska 
Bullet 19 - 
Bullet 20 EPA: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Inspections (mostly not applicable to the Municipality, but we receive questions.) 
Bullet 21 - 
Bullet 22 - 
Bullet 23 Of Interest 
Bullet 24 ASWCD Winter 2008 News, featuring article 'Because my daughter grew up with horses'