C-ER Chapter to Title 21
Frequently Asked Questions

I'm zoned B-3 along the Old Glenn and heard there are significant changes for me that will make it easier (and considerably less expensive) to maintain or improve my property?
Yes, to 'legalize' the B-3 properties in this area and to keep them compatible with the character of the area, a "Rural Commercial" District has been created. Rather than keep these properties under urban development and commercial standards as in the Bowl, the Rural Commercial (RC) District allows those properties to develop, maintain or expand per RC standards -- relaxation of parking standards, traffic control, paved parking, and urban building appearance standards.

I'm zoned B-1A, what change are there for me?
The four B-1A properties located at North Peters Creek are slated to be Rural Commercial (see above). This will allow continued operations as you have always done.

I'm zoned R-6 and have heard conflicting information about planned changes for me?
If you are zoned R-6 there are some important changes you need to know about.

Currently, R-6 has a minimum lot size of 1.25 acres. The draft 21.10 decreases the minimum lot size to 1.0 acres -- this makes no difference in what property you own or have control over, this is a MINIMUM requirement, i.e. you have to have a minimum of an acre to be considered R-6, and have R-6 land use abilities.

Making this change legalizes more than 25% of the existing non-conforming R-6 properties in the Birchwood and Chugiak Community Council areas. Legalizing these already developed properties will serve to preserve the R-6 'feel' for the future.

Without the decrease, if these properties invoke their grandfather rights, the Municipality will consider them R-7 or R-1A properties for purposes of setbacks. This will result in these properties having 5 and 10 foot setbacks, rather than the larger setbacks (and space between neighbors) that the R-6 style land use affords.

The draft references a legal opinion having to do with the method of measuring a lot. Can you explain this?
Separate from the above discussion regarding the decrease to minimum lot size requirements, there is an incredibly important legal decision being made.

Per EXISTING and proposed Code, properties are measured from the property line, which may include a road reservation from the BLM. In the past, this is where the need for an additional 1/4 acre of your lot size came from. The road reservation on each property would eventually become half the right of way for platted streets.

The the Bowl draft, the Municipality proposes to eliminate the 1/4 acre requirement, thus not penalizing the property owner when the roadway reservation is platted as a road.

There is a Municipality legal opinion which allows you to measure from the existing property line, regardless of road reservation. The Consortium agrees with this. We are currently working to have the Assembly re-write that section of their draft, returning to the current method of including 1/2 of the abutting right of way.